Transcendence Review

Image for Transcendence

When an anti-technology activist group guns down computer scientist Will Caster (Depp), Caster’s wife and fellow expert Evelyn (Hall) saves him by uploading his mind into their work. With incredible power and resources at his disposal, the virtual Will aims to aid mankind, but his idea of “help” soon scares all around him…


For this first spin in the director’s chair, Dark Knight DP Wally Pfister chosen not to go the indie-to-IMAX route of long-time collaborator Chris Nolan. Instead, he’s jumped into large-scale techno thriller territory as Depp’s dying scientist has his mind uploaded into a computer and despite his beneficent proclamations, unleashes terror through terabytes.

Sadly, it’s all based on a script that feels like it was written by an AI in desperate need of a creativity upgrade and though Pfister and cinematographer Jess Hall deliver some effective camerawork, it’s all slaved to a banal sci-fi slog that aims high but falls far.

An A-list cast and talented filmmaker are wasted on a B-Movie script with pretentions of prescience.