On Tour Review

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Five American burlesque dancers and their sardonic manager (Amalric) take their risqué tour around France.


With its teasingly obfuscated exposition and shifts between backstage vérité and road-movie melodrama, Mathieu Amalric’s fourth directorial outing is hugely enjoyable. However, the skirting of the reasons why Amalric’s disgraced impresario is back in France with an American burlesque troupe deprives his mid-section bid to rebuild his career of the intrigue that could have made this as significant as its evident inspiration, John Cassavetes’ The Killing Of A Chinese Bookie. The disrobing routines are saucily amusing, the banter acerbic and the mood is ably captured. But each episode would have packed more punch with more character depth and back story.

Amalric's second stab at feature direction marks him out as a talent to watch. A little episodic at times, On Tour is still a hugely enjoyable journey.