Touchy Feely Review

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The prospect of moving in with her boyfriend brings all Seattle massage therapist Abby's (DeWitt) anxiety issues surging to the surface. Soon her discomfort in her own skin is so great, she can't even bear to touch her clients.


“A massage therapist loses her ability to touch people” isn’t much of a story hook admittedly, but it does serve as a useful metaphor for the absence of insight and emotion in this misfire from writer-director Lynn Shelton, which even the most ardent fans of her mumblecore milestones, Humpday and Your Sister’s Sister, will find taxing. At its most indulgent, this feels rather like a sketch-show parody of an indie movie, and despite a talented cast rounded out with the likes of Allison Janney, Scoot McNairy and Ron Livingston, it sadly all adds up to far less than the sum of its parts.

Intermittently funny but erratically structured, it's a rare disappointment from Shelton.