Tormented Review

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A gang of school bullies torment an overweight, asthmatic nerd to the brink, the result of which is his suicide. The story doesn't end here, though, as he comes back as a zombie ghost to terrorise the gang who drove him to taking his life. Expect lots of brutal murders.


This transplants the cutthroat teen movie ethos of Heathers or All The Boys Love Mandy Lane to Britain then has a lot of cynical, gruesome fun punishing horrible sixth-formers. A fat, bullied teenage suicide returns from the grave to inflict gory justice on his persecutors. It has patches of credible writing and good acting, but often ditches subtlety to depict flamboyant teen tyrants (Alex Pettyfer and April Pearson are supremely hateful) who fully deserve over-the-top deaths. It doesn’t bother much with establishing rules for its supernatural menace or stitching together set-pieces with anything but Sellotape, but it’s consistently funny in a painful way.

British bullying drama that takes comedy to painful lengths.