Tony Benn: Will And Testament Review

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Political campaigner, passionate humanitarian and pipe-smoking icon, Tony Benn was never afraid to polarise or aflame with his trenchant views and tightly-held views. As such, he's a mesmerising subject for Skip Kite's documentary.


Whatever your view of the late Anthony Neil Wedgwood Benn’s politics — and he would have fought for your democratic right to that opinion — his simple dedication to the question of right and wrong makes a persuasive argument for every one of the causes to which he devoted his parliamentary and political life. Kite’s brilliantly conceived and immaculately realised documentary traces Benn’s private and public story from political awakening to veteran campaigner, without ever feeling like hagiography. If there’s any justice, it should inspire the kind of political engagement for which Benn was justly renowned.

A fitting memoir to a memorable political life.