Tonite Let's All Make Love In London Review

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With no narrative to speak of, Tonite Let's Make Love In London consists of interviews and performances of the then biggest names in British rock, featuring the likes of The Rolling Stones, as well as actors such as Michael Caine.


Tonite Let's Make Love In London, features music from The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, The Animals and Vanessa Redgrave. Flashy and sometimes quite funny, it stitches together interviews with Michael Caine, Julie Christie, Lee Marvin, Mick Jagger and others who talk about music, sex, posing and freedom. Man of the match, however, is David Hockney, who models absurd pop art shades and when asked what he finds sexy, replies, "The new four-penny stamp, the one with the footballer.” An interesting and amusing documentary that captures the icons of the time in candid interviews and performances from the biggest bands around.

An insight to the world of 60's rock acts such as Pink Floyd and The Rolling Stones tour and give candid interviews alongside key icons such as David Hockney, Julie Christie and Michael Caine.