Tom And Huck Review

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A mischievous young boy, Tom Sawyer (Jonathan Taylor Thomas),witnesses a murder by the deadly Injun Joe and becomes friends with Huckleberry Finn (Brad Renfro), a boy with no future and no family.


Although Jonathan Taylor Thomas gets top billing as Tom Sawyer, the clearly talented Brad Renfro (The Client, Sleepers) deserves more attention as Huckleberry Finn in a bright, blue-eyed Disney rendition of Mark Twain's mischievous duo's adventures.

There's a fair nod to Twain's novel with the costumes and some mucking about on rafts, but this is more concerned with supplying the staples for an Uncle Walt live action production, which it delivers in spades.

Most kiddies will be happy with it but with a Stephen Sommers script it should really have had some adult appeal too, sadly this is missing throughout so no fun for mum and dad.

Average Disney fare.