The All Together Review

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Chris leaves his unreliable flatmate in charge of showing estate agents round his London flat for viewings in an effort to sell it. Unfortunately Bob takes his instruction to welcome anyone who comes to the door a little too literally and Chris comes home to find more than he bargained for.


Martin Freeman Is Chris, an ambitious yet underachieving producer of low-quality TV guff, who decides to sell his South London property to get rid of his perverted housemate Bob (Velibor Topic). Left to invite prospective estate agents into their home, bespectacled oddball Bob receives a series of unexpected guests, including wannabe gangster Dennis (Danny Dyer) and angry American Mr. Gaspardi (Corey Johnson).

This is a vacuous, directionless Brit-com with spurts of self-referential narration which do nothing to distract from the laborious plot. Freeman valiantly tries to rescue things with a characteristically affable performance, but even his scenes can’t save the movie from disaster.

A Brit-com that does nothing for the reputation of the industry although there are a few charming performances.