Tin Men Review

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Baltimore. 1960s. BB Babowsky is a smooth-talking hustler and ladies man whom scams naive and comely women aliminium sales pitches. Ernest Tilley is a loser who can't make a sale no matter how hard he tries, who is on the verge of losing his wife due to his gambling problem. When the two meet in a car crash their feud escalates into a full-scale war.

Set in 1963, Barry Levinson’s second self-scripted hometown trip to Baltimore celebrates with humour and humanity the aluminium siding salesmen who also hung out in Brice’s Hilltop Diner, with Richard Dreyfuss’s hyper hustler and Danny DeVito’s tragicomic loser warring over their cars, their custom and Barbara Hershey.

The terrific supporting cast includes comic Jackie Gayle and Bruno Kirby, and there are some acutely observed scenes of guy talk, but the elements of comedy and drama don’t hang together as persuasively as in Levinson's directorial debut, Diner.

Humerous, but doesn't gel as well as Levinson's previous efforts