Ticks Review

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Some under-privileged city kids are sent away to the country on an action weekend. Unfortunately they get more than they bargained for when a marijuana farmer sprays a mysterious pesticide on his crop with disastrous effects. Soon the campsite is overrun with giant ticks preying on the teens.


An old-fashioned Big Bug horror picture, with a troop of troubled inner city teens played by no-name actors going on a wilderness weekend to be attacked by oversized blood­sucking insects. It's all down to marijuana farmers spraying "plant steroid" on the undergrowth, which lends this acceptably exciting movie a reactionary undercurrent.

The gloopy effects are creepily convincing for insect fans, and there's a lively forest fire finale with the survivors besieged in a shack by the horrors and menaced by extreme hippie villains. Plenty of innocent teens get pleasingly chomped on with screams aplenty.

For fans of the Big Bug movies in the 60's this will come as a pleasant surprise with not only the first to made in a while but also the first good one for a long time. Ticks is enjoyably fluff which contains unexpectedly convincing effects and enough of the required screaming of innocent victims.