Thunder In Paradise 2 Review

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Randolph Spencer and Martin Brubaker were ex-Navy SEALS-turned-mercenaries who hired themselves out as soldiers of fortune for a very high fee


This isn’t a film, but two episodes of a TV series stuck together. Imagine the worst of Baywatch, SeaQuest DSV and Knight Rider slung together to provide a star role for Terry “Hulk” Hogan. Between bashing up steroid cases, ex-Navy SEAL Hogan scoots about in a superpowered speedboat, hangs out on the beach with the bikini chicks and provides a sterling role model for obnoxiously cute kids. Proving that the Hulkster never really found his niche in TV land, this is not worth watching for free on TV, so certainly not worth forking out the rental for.

Bad, even by the Hulkster's standards.