Three Sisters Review

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Three sisters live in the Northern Italian university town of Pavia. Velia (Ardant), the eldest, is an unmarried academic who shares the family home with brother Roberto (Castellito), an aspiring musician, and Sandra (Golino), the youngest who is a medical student and active political idealist. The middle sister, Maria (Scacchi), is married and dying of boredom. The balance of these lives subtly shifts with a series of events: Roberto marries, Velia and Maria fall in love with the same married m


There was an understandable misconception that Margarethe Von Trotta's new film was a screen adaptation of Chekov's famous play of the same name. It isn't, although the play was the director's acknowledged starting point.

Three Sisters is concerned with hopes, dreams and the search for happiness; it also addresses the nature of family ties. Ardant has never been better Scacchi acquits herself well, Golino is delight and Castellito superb.

The film looks exquisite, offers a soundtrack of classical music that enhances rather than distracts, and is intelligent and civilised Rich in depth and subtlety, it's a must for foreign movie lovers and, indeed, any one who appreciates a well-crafted film about love and relationships.

Not really for those seeking a hard-line adaptation.