Three Miles North Of Molkom Review

Image for Three Miles North Of Molkom

Documentary exploring a number of open-minded individuals at a Swedish New Age Festival.


New Age isn’t exactly uncharted territory for documentaries, but it’s never been done this cannily. Debut directors Robert Cannan and Corinna Villari-McFarlane may have had little idea of what to expect when they arrived at the Ängsbacka festival in Sweden, but they lucked in with the ‘Sharing Group’ of oddballs and fragile personalities who ended up there. The jackpot, though, is fish-out-of-water Australian rugby coach Nick, who’s arrived by mistake, and quickly becomes a beacon of normality amid the yoga, tantra, psychic-energy-dodging (or not, in one jaw-dropping sequence) and yes, tree-hugging.

The array of oddballs and wide-eyed believers on display here makes for fascinating viewing.