A Thousand Times Good Night Review

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War photographer Rebecca (Binoche) has taken images in the world's most dangerous combat zones. Returning home to Ireland after a terrifying sortie into a suicide bombing cell, she begins to fall out with her husband Marcus (Coster-Waldau) about her priorities concerning her work versus her family.


The ever-terrific Juliette Binoche shines as a photojournalist caught between the importance of her work and the pull of her family. Opening on a fantastically tense set-piece in which Binoche’s Rebecca is caught within a suicide bombing cell, the film plays with well-worn themes (the ethics of journalist intervention, career versus life), but strong performances, Erik Poppe’s clean visual sense and the fact Binoche is a rare female protagonist uncomfortable with domesticity make it feel fresh. And U2 fans, keep ’em peeled for drummer Larry Mullen Jr. in a bit part.

A compelling, if well worn , topic — work/life balance — is brought vividly to life by a great Binoche performance.