Third Star Review

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Four lifelong friends go on a trip to the coastal area of Barafundle Bay in West Wales for an ill-advised adventure. Things, though, don't go according to plan.


Benedict Cumberbatch stars in this ambitious first feature from British editor-turned-director Hattie Dalton. Cumberbatch is James, a cancer patient off on one last holiday with the boys: timid Davy (Tom Burke), troubled Bill (Adam Robertson) and cocky Miles (J. J. Feild). James has a secret agenda and it won’t take you long to work out what it is. There’s plenty of joshing in an attempt to keep maudlin thoughts at bay and it’s occasionally amusing. But despite the talented cast, the bond between the men never convinces: you don’t believe they’re really friends. The ending is poignant with a strong message, but the build-up’s too mannered — and the dying-man-on-holiday idea is a hard sell as it is.

Even a talented cast struggle to convince in this tough sell of a film.