Don't Think Review

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A summer's night at Japan's Fujirock Festival and Ed and Tom Chemical take to the stage to unleash their barnstorming live set on 50,000 festivalgoers. The needle drops and the show begins...


Not long into Don't Think — a Chemical Brothers film — viewers will resemble Steve Carell in Anchorman: “LOUD! NOISES!” The superstar DJs are unparalleled deliverers of big-beat electronica and jaw-dropping light shows. Innovatively shot, it’s neither a documentary nor extended flashmob ad. It’s a front-seat, gurn-tastic ticket to their Fuji Rock show complete with hilarity, intimacy, fear, love and — above all — chemicals. This visceral ride captures the hands-aloft essence of live dance; the euphoria building to such a crescendo the screen no longer acts as a barrier. The sensory overload would only increase if your popcorn were laced with MDMA; you literally feel the noise. Without saying a word, Don’t Think speaks volumes.

A concert movie with a difference, director Adam Smith captures The Chemical Brothers' live show in all its psychedelic splendor. Blistering, cinematic ecstasy.