Things To Do Before You're 30 Review

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A group of twenty-somethings try desperately to avoid impending adulthood.


A paean to turning 30 and sunday afternoon football, this gentle Brit-flick is as wobbly as an Acorn Antiques set but only half the fun. Cass (Scott) is a Lothario facing fatherhood, Adam (Parkes) hides a predictable secret, and Billy (Morlidge) struggles to balance family and football.

Despite being as manly as a purse full of puppies, the film persists in shoving girls into boxes marked ‘nag’, ‘slag’ or ‘boring’, trying to persuade us this is a blokey bonding film. Of course, believing a load of nonsense is part and parcel of a rom-com, but the wobbles aren’t solely because half the leads look like they’re hiding from a midlife crisis. 29? You’re having a laugh. Shame it’s pretty much the only one. Still, at least Billie Piper shines as an arty girlfriend.

Shore's comedy tries to be down with the kids, but feels more like watching your old auntie trying to breakdance.