Theodore Rex Review

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In a future town a female police detective (Whoopi Goldberg) has to collaborate with Theodore Rex, a genetically generated Tyrannosaurus Rex, in order to investigate the murder of another dinosaur.


One of the most expensive movies ever to go straight to video, and it is hardly surprising. Costumes and clever animatronics could never disguise the fact that a futuristic buddy pairing of a latex-clad female cop and a tyrannosaurus rex in jeans is just about the worst idea in the world.

With absolutely no story and just 90 minutes of the leads bumbling around doesn't make for a good yarn. Whoopi Goldberg searches for a dinosaur murderer and probably what remains of her pride in a woeful comedy where humour seems restricted to her partner Theodore accidentally clumping people with his tail. "Bring back The Flintstones!"..(Well actually, don't.)

Steer Clear