Texas Chainsaw Review

Image for Texas Chainsaw

Heather Miller (Daddario) heads to Texas with her boyfriend with the intention of collecting her inheritance. Unfortunately, at least part of it comes with a chainsaw clutched in its hands.


Heather (Alexandra Daddario) inherits a Texas mansion from a grandmother she never knew, only to discover that she’s one of the famous chainsaw family and her hulking killer cousin Jed (Dan Yeager), aka Leatherface, lives in the cellar. Along with some disposable, doomed friends, Heather goes home and the saw revs up again. This dumb, draggy sequel to the 1973 classic shoves a chainsaw at you in 3D every once in a while, but trips like a heroine with a sprained ankle over dumb plot twists, poor performances and inept would-be suspense scenes. A sole quality element is Daddario’s frequently-exposed taut midriff.

A clunky, lumbering sequel that, like its masked protagonist, has no redeeming features.