The Terminal Man Review

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Harry Benson is computer scientist, who as a microchip inserted into his brain after a head injury. The chip is link to a computer that urges violent rampages with bloody results.


A chilly science-fiction horror from a novel by Michael Crichton (The Andromeda Strain, Westworld, Jurassic Park), with an unlikely Segal excellent as an unstable psychopath subjected to a revolutionary neuro-surgical process which links his brain to a mini-computer that urges him on to extremely homicidal episodes. Hackett is also outstanding as a frigid scientist warmed up by her tentative patient and Jill Clayburgh has an early role as a victim who gets stabbed on a waterbed. Well before the Terminator-RoboCop boom of the 80s, this tackles sci-fi questions of the difference between human and robot in the context of a high-powered thriller.

Hodges takes a cool, detached approach, designing most scenes in monochrome with disturbing flesh-colours, and manages to make Segal's semi-android a strangely sympathetic monster.