Terkel In Trouble Review

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Terkel is a year six student who has many woes - his homelife is rubbish and he is being bullied at school. All that and more pales into insignificance though, when someone starts threatening to kill him.


The biggest question hanging over this adaptation of an apparently popular Danish radio play is, “Who the hell is it aimed at?” Terkel is a sixth grade student with a miserable home life. Already bullied, he begins receiving death threats, and is left to solve his own problems. But our sympathies aren’t always with Terkel, and at one point he’s responsible for a truly horrific turn of events.

That it’s so quickly forgotten by all proves discomfiting, which might work in a purely adult film but jars violently with the tweeny-friendly animation style. What saves it, however, is the great work from the British re-dubbing cast, especially Johnny Vegas as Terkel’s uncle, an alcoholic teen counsellor. A flawed curiosity.

Disturbing at points and not in a good way.