Tenebrae Review

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A writer travels to Rome and finds he is being stalked by a serial killer who uses his books as both the inspiration for and the means by which he choses and kills his victims.


The one where Dario first pulled off his deservedly famous "look behind you" shot, Tenebrae is essential viewing for fans of the Italian stallion thanks to some of his most arterial gore to date.

Focusing on a bizarre series of horrific murders, and arguably Argentoís finest film, Tenebrae is also the source of the seminal image that has graced the cover of more horror books than Bela Lugosi: the wide-eyed girl staring in terror through the slit in her ripped T-shirt. And if none of the above mean anything to you, then that's all the more reason to get on the bandwagon right now.

Genre defining horror movie.