Ten Rillington Palace Review

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In postwar London, young couple Tim & Beryl and their newborn baby find a humble flat in Rillington Place. There next door naightbour John Christie is a little creepy, but little do they know he's a killer who has eyes for the young wife.


It’s sometimes hard to remember that before he was a bad director of bloated, pompous films, Richard Attenborough was an fine actor in sharp, pointed ones.

Here he completely immerses himself completely in drab evil as Christie, the mild-mannered mass murderer who let a halfwit (John Hurt, starting his run of geeky victim roles) hang for his crimes, and then continued his killing spree before setting his sights on a young coupe in the flat upstairs.

A precursor to movies like Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer in its mood and interestingly directed by Richard Fleischer. Rillington Place, incidentally, had its name changed.

Worth seeing for Attenborough's vintage creepiness