Let's Talk About The Rain Review

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Agathe Villanova (Agnes Jaoui), a feminist with a role on the political scene, returns for ten days to her family home, in the South of France, to help her sister, Florence, to set their deceased mother's affairs in order.


With their attention to place and psychology, the comedies of Agnès Jaoui and Jean-Pierre Bacri are among the great pleasures of modern French cinema. Touching on everything from family to fidelity, politics to prejudice, this is a slice of dystopic domesticity that captures the disappointments of life and the little joys that make it worthwhile. Returning south to stand in an election, Jaoui’s chic feminist agrees to appear in a documentary by serial loser Bacri. Nothing goes smoothly, yet the calamities on the hustings and film set are presented with an insouciance that makes them all the more amusing.

Quite simply, wonderful.