Tales of Ordinary Madness Review

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The life and works of hard-drinking poet and author Charles Bukowski. The film follows the poet wanders through life with all is dark madnesses and strong sexuality.


An episodic sleazathon based on the life and works of Charles Bukowski, with a bestubbled Gazzara standing in for the poet-cum-drunk. The star clearly enjoys the opportunity to spout cynical aphorisms and indulge in bizarre sex scenes with the glacially perfect Muti, a high-class hooker with a fondness for self-mutilation. Though intensely serious, Ferreri manages a faint air of silliness which sometimes punctures the would-be harrowing material. Tyrrell is a riot as an incredible tease who coaxes Ben into indulging their mutual rape fantasies, then she cries for the cops, while Muti's blankness almost passes for characterisation.

A dark and sleazy, but at times entertaining, bipioc.