The Taking Of Beverly Hills Review

Image for The Taking Of Beverly Hills

A corporate raider plots his revenge against Beverly Hills by faking a toxic spill so her can force an evacuation and loot the entire city. A playboy football star, inadvertently overlooked in the evacuation, embarks on a mission to thwart the crime.


Ken Wahl of TV’s Wiseguy stars as star footballer Boomer, who gets caught in an amazing heist in Beverly Hills when a group of ex-cops stage a chemical explosion to evacuate the homes of Beverly HIlls, and then proceed to rob all of the houses of the rich and famous.

Although made in 1990, this rings eerily true after the LA riots, but even it’s topicality or Wahl’s amiable performance cannot save this from being a bad rip-off of the best in action cinema.

Good idea, shame about the movie.