Taken 3 Review

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Retired government operative Bryan Mills (Neeson) discovers the dead body of his ex-wife in his bedroom. Framed for a murder he didn’t commit, he runs from the cops – headed up by Inspector Franck Dotzler (Whitaker) – as he tries to clear his name and protect his daughter, Kim (Grace).


Liam Neeson’s geriaction-man reaches peak preposterousness as the third Taken movie sees no-one actually get taken. Instead, Bryan Mills talks to a stuffed panda, purposefully feeds his daughter laxatives to set up an illicit lavatorial rendezvous, and eventually solves the riddle of who killed his wife (and set him up in the process).

Megaton’s choppy editing barely disguises his star’s hatred of running, while a brutal 12A neutering lessens what limited fun remains in seeing Oskar Schindler creakily throw a Russian bad ‘un into some supermarket shelves. Less “very particular set of skills”, more A View To A Kill.

While it wraps up the adventures of Bryan Mills with a neat bow, “the third and final installment” of the unexpected Taken trilogy makes it official: both you and Liam Neeson are too old for this shit.