Take My Eyes Review

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When Pilar flees her violent husband Antonio, he comes looking for her and their son, whom she has taken with her.


Domestic abuse is such a delicate subject that many filmmakers either gloss over it or use it as a plot device to show a man’s brutal side, never tackling its complexities and grey areas. However, Spanish director Icíar Bollaín has bravely taken the topic as the focus of her movie, examining the breakdown of the marriage between battered wife Pilar (Marull) and Antonio (Tosar), her troubled husband who struggles to express his love for her.

Far from being a depressing experience, it’s romantic, funny and deeply inspirational. Bollaín’s direction is delicate throughout, her depiction of the abuse minimal yet powerful. The performances from Marull and Tosar, meanwhile, are superbly nuanced, carefully tweaking your emotions until they ensure that Take My Eyes is one of the most moving films you’ll see this year.

Of particular relevance in it's home country of origin - Spain, this is an exceptionally well told story, finally breaking it's subject matter free of 'TV movie' sensibilities.