The Switch Review

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Unmarried and 40, Kassie (Aniston) turns to a sperm donor and turkey baster to conceive a child. Seven years later, she discovers she's had the wrong person's child after a drunken mix-up by her best friend (Bateman).


Following on from the Back-Up Plan, this year’s second artificial insemination comedy (come up with another one, Hollywood, and we have a trend) focuses on Jason Bateman’s Wally, who drunkenly replaces Roland’s (Patrick Wilson) sperm meant for Kassie (Jennifer Aniston) with his own.

Interestingly, the focus stays on the male perspective as the bulk of the movie takes place seven years later, with Wally trying to connect with the resulting son while coping with his long-held feelings for Kassie, who doesn’t know the child is his. All involved — especially Jeff Goldblum and Juliette Lewis as The Best Friends — huff and puff, but Blades Of Glory boys Josh Gordon and Will Speck fail to rustle up the requisite laughs or emotional punch to pull you through. Funny opening sequence though.

Despite winning turns by Lewis and an on-form Goldblum, the laughs are in short supply.