The Sweetest Thing Review

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When single girl Christina meets the man of her dreams she pursues him to ridiculous lengths, travelling halfway across the country to surprise him at a family wedding. But the path of true love doesn’t run smoothly — Christina’s chums have their own roma


The so-called humorous high point of Diaz’s latest romantic comedy is a big production number in which she and her co-stars, Christina Applegate and Selma Blair, wax lyrical about the joys of men who are just too — for want of a better word — ‘over-endowed’ for their liking. Sounds hilarious? Well, trust us, it isn’t.

The fact that somebody found this scenario rib-tickling enough to drag it out for a full five minutes shows how desperate this laboured attempt at gross-out comedy really is.

It’s rare to see such bawdy humour aimed so obviously at women, but Cruel Intentions director Kumble has failed to notice that it only really works when there’s a story that’s strong enough to support it. The Sweetest Thing’s plot is flimsy at best — Diaz on a quest for true love, plus a glaringly obvious twist — and the characters so insubstantial that it renders the bodily function gags and gutter-level set-pieces merely embarrassing to behold.

Yet another film based upon the myth that single girls have no goals in life beyond the pursuit and acquisition of a gorgeous man. Humiliating for all concerned.