The Swarm Review

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Killer bees from South America have been breeding with the gentler bees of more northern climes, slowly extending their territory northward decade after decade. Entomologist Brad Crane (Michael Caine) has discovered that something is making them come together in huge, killer swarms. He wants to keep the General Slater (Richard Widmark) from using military tactics from further upsetting the balance of nature as they join to try to stop the swarms from approaching Houston.


King of the catastrophe flick Irwin Allen directs Michael Caine as a heroic entomologist battling an invasion of African killer bees.

One of the odder and more entertaining disaster efforts, this has some classic Caine dialogue ("I never dreamt it would be the bees. They were always our friends!"), the usual catalogue of doomed innocents, and some of the most terrifying bee attacks ever shot (here mutilated by utterly inept pan-and-scan). For all it's technological flaws it is actually quite good fun (arguably down to Caine) as it sweeps over you.

And as for the bees, they're from Brazil, by the way. Not Africa.

Hammy action yarn with an entertaining performance from Michael Caine.