SW9 Review

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Five very different characters chase each other and their missing possessions in ever decreasing circles around Brixton in a mess of drugs, raves, money, guns and scams.


For many, they're the scariest six words in the English language: "From The Makers Of Human Traffic". Thankfully, while this trawl through seedy Brixton streets has a certain druggy, rave-y kinship with Justin Kerrigan's movie, it's a darker proposition in the hands of former documentarian Parry.

Dripping with social conscience and actual documentary footage of London riots, this does at times buckle under the weight of its own message. Although a gifted director with a nice eye for visuals and performances, Parry's storytelling skills are less developed. Clearly mistrusting his material, he bolts on a deadweight thriller plot, sadly hampered by a complete lack of thrills. Still, it's not Human Traffic 2, which is by no means a bad thing.

His underdeveloped story-telling skills lead to Parry mis-handling some great material.