Supermensch: The Legend Of Shep Gordon Review

Image for Supermensch: The Legend Of Shep Gordon

A music svengali and PR genius, Shep Gordon, the man behind Alice Cooper's chicken abuse and the creation of the celebrity chef, is the rich subject for Mike Myer's talking heads documentary.


Almost certainly the first film to feature both Tom Arnold and the Dalai Lama (only one recounts a story about being ejected from a nightclub), Mike Myers’ directorial debut is a racy and infectious love letter to his old pal, Hollywood, and music industry svengali Shep Gordon. A more self-important subject would have made for hagiographic guff, but Gordon’s enjoyable yarns of Alice Cooper’s chicken-biting, Jimi Hendrix’s weed requirements and his own unlikely invention of celebrity chefdom, each delivered with self-effacing wit, keep Myers’ we’re-not-worthiness firmly in check.

It might veer towards hagiography at times, but its subject is so entertaining you don't even care.