Sunshine Cleaning Review

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From the producers of Little Miss Sunshine, Sunshine Cleaning follows the exploits of the unemployed Lorkowski sisters – one a single mum (Adams), the other a stoner (Blunt), who decide to start up a business cleaning nasty crime scenes...


From the producers of Little Miss Sunshine, another family story of people whose expectations of life have not been met, but still they keep hoping. A beguiling Amy Adams is single mom and cleaner Rose, who starts a crime-scene clean-up business with her screw-up sister (Emily Blunt). Rose rediscovers her self-esteem and both siblings become emotionally involved in the lives and deaths of the messily deceased while dreaming, scheming Grandpa (Alan Arkin, whose wacky-old-coot shtick still has traction) babysits.

The blackly comic potential in the screenplay is frittered away, but terrific performances make the most of the turning-your-life-around dramedy

Could have been a little more darkly comic in places but the performances are superb.