Summer Storm Review

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Small town dwellers Tobi and Achim are best friends, but Achim's girlfriend is beginning to come between them. The a crew of rowers from Berlin comes to town, and Tobi is really confused.


Whether gay or straight, the majority of mainstream teen romances are populated by impossibly photogenic lookers. Yet there’s something disconcertingly Aryan about the statuesque kids in this German rites-of-passage pic.

Any story about confused sexual identity is going to litter the action with bodies beautiful to make the lead’s choice more agonising. But here the camera fetishises in a decidedly Jarmanian manner that’s at odds with lead actor Robert Stadlober’s gauche hesitancy. His emotional cruelty towards would-be girlfriend Alicja Bachleda-Curus also feels overdone.

While it's unconvincing on an individual level, its group dynamic is sharp and credible, as Stadlober’s rustic Bavarian buddies receive a few life lessons from a streetwise queer crew from Berlin.