Sukiyaki Western Django Review

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Gun-for-sale stranger chooses between two factions in a fued concerning hidden treasure.


Another malformed, mutant movie from Japanese weirdmeister Takashi Miike, this recounts an archetypal samurai-feud story as a hallucinatory tribute to Italian Westerns. Quentin Tarantino mumbles yards of dialogue while dressed up as a trick-or-treat-level Man With No Name, and the rest of the cast speak mangled English as they flounder around stylised sets or striking locations.

Leone in A Fistful Of Dollars and Sergio Corbucci in Django took the plot of Kurosawa’s Yojimbo, which Miike here claws back and rips to shreds — a gunslinging samurai is caught between the reds and the whites, and everyone seems to take a long time to die in agony. It’s a fever-dream of a film, at once beautiful and grating — but a little goes a long way.

Sumptuous at times but self-indulgent and incoherent at others.