Suicide Squad: exclusive Harley Quinn image

David Ayer’s supervillain team up may not be released until next month, but by now we’re all used to seeing Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn causing havoc in her sequined pants and Daddy’s Lil Monster tee. But the harlequin isn’t just about the pigtails and baseball bat, as can be seen in our exclusive new image below.

margot robbie suicide squad

Yes, Harley may be sticking to the sequins and diamonds (also note the Daddy’s Lil Monster tattoo peeking out from underneath her teal tresses), but this new get-up boasts a colour scheme that wouldn’t see her out of place alongside Goldmember instead of Jared Leto’s Joker.

Though an Austin Powers/DC mash-up seems unlikely (with a Men In Black/Jump Street crossover on the cards, never say never), it looks like The Joker’s right-hand lady will indeed be getting a spin-off of her own; as producer Charles Roven puts it, “[it’s] at a very nascent stage”.

With Robbie referring to the Suicide Squad cast as “one big happy family,” it’s clear the gang have had a ball amongst all the live rat sending and on-set hijinx. Though we’re not sure what state of affairs our September cover star and the Skwad will find themselves in by the end of the film (they do, after all, have explosive devices lodged in their necks), the cast have all signed on for several possible films.

For more on Suicide Squad (and much, much more besides), be sure to pick up a copy of our brand new villain-tastic issue when it hits shelves this Thursday. Suicide Squad hits cinemas on August 5.

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