Stuck Review

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When tired nurse (Suvari) runs down a down-and-out (Rea) after a night out, her promotion is suddenly in jeopardy . With the homeless man trapped in her windscreen, she is left with a quandry.


On her way home from a heavy night out, nurse Brandi (Mena Suvari) drives into newly homeless loser Tom (Stephen Rea) — who is embedded, injured, in her windscreen. Panicky about losing a promotion, Brandi leaves the car in the garage for the weekend, hoping the stubborn victim will die. This based-on-fact tabloid tale is recounted as white-trash black comedy by goremaster Stuart Gordon, who dwells on injuries with wince-inducing relish as Suvari crawls into the mind of a selfish yet understandably desperate woman who finds depths of monstrousness in herself. It’s a shaggy-dog story that spirals into garage Grand Guignol, with Suvari and Rea well-matched in uneasy roles.