Stuart Little 2 Review

Image for Stuart Little 2


If you drive your own cool, red sports car to school and still you’re Billy No-Mates, you’ve got to ask - are you a man or a mouse? Okay, so Stuart Little’s tail gives the game away, but this rodent isn’t lacking in courage. When his mum’s wedding ring goes missing and his feathered friend Margolo becomes the suspect, our pink-nosed hero embarks on an adventure to rival anything the original had to offer.

Stuart is an animation wonder - his tiny face is more expressive than most Hollywood stars’, while each strand of his white fur now flutters in the breeze as he flies in a model plane over Central Park. The film’s, “You’re only as big as you feel” mantra sets out a cheese feast, but Nathan Lane’s sarcastic Snowbell keeps grown-ups giggling with catty comments.