Strippers Vs. Werewolves Review

Image for Strippers Vs. Werewolves

When a werewolf is killed in their strip club, the establishment's scantily-clad staff have only a few hour to tool up before bloody retribution lands on their doorstep.


This low-budget British genre effort has an admirable streak of bloodied sweetness and decent performances going for it, but it’s also, frankly, a bit of a mess, and stronger on montages of characters getting ready for action than the action itself. When an exotic dancer (Adele Silva) shoves a silver pen in the eye of a hairy patron (Martin Kemp), she kicks off a feud between strippers and a pack of laddish werewolves — but it never works up much in the way of titillation, horror or comedy. Surprisingly, the girls are better characterised than the poorly made-up monsters. Cameos from Robert Englund and Steven Berkoff help, but it’s no match for Jonathan Glendening’s serious werewolf film 13 Hrs.

Shoddy monsters surprisingly let down a fun B-movie concept. Still, if Spandau Ballet ever got on your nerves there's always the sight of a hairy Martin Kemp meeting his maker.