Streetdance 3D Review

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While rehearsing for the national championships, a streetdance crew find themselves forced to work with a group of ballet dancers.


British Cinema's first the 3D zone is an urban dance movie so relentlessly upbeat it even makes London look nice. It’s the UK Street Dance Championships, and in need of rehearsal space, brassy Northerner Carly (Nichola Burley) and her crew grudgingly agree to loosen up Charlotte Rampling’s ballet students. Cultures collide. Love blossoms. Adversity’s trumped. You can guess the rest.

It’s a bit like mainlining Fanta, but directors Max & Dania have hit the tween bullseye with this grime-powered remix of the Step Up series, blending high-voltage dance-offs with pure Parmesan. The 3D, by the way, is bright and deep and throws a hat in your face. Great fun.

Cheesy high-energy fun.