Street Corner Justice Review

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Retired cop tries to clean up the neighbourhood


Tough nut cop Marc Singer is forced into retirement when he's videoed giving a sleazeball rapist the Rodney King work- over. When he relocates to a Los Angeles district overrun by crack-smokin', gang-bangin', drive-by-shootin', muthafucka-spielin', bad-acting', not-quite-ethnic baddies.

The local neighbourhood watch gets beaten up, so Singer calls in a psycho hooker and a born-again badass to even the scores.

The usual vigilante tosh. It has no redeemable qualities apart from the fact that it was shot on location as opposed to in the studio. Sadly this doesn't make up for the lack of script, imagination or understanding of the subject matter. The casting agents only idea of what an LA street gang looks like must have come from Police Academy movies.

Sloppily made vigilante movie, only for hardcore Marc Singer fan...really hardcore.