In a Stranger's Hand Review

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A computer mogul ends up meeting a waitress is depressed over the kidnapping of her child. The two get to know each other before deciding that they will help each other. They first set about hunting down the waitress' child.


An achingly sincere TV movie on the theme of child abduction, which starts out like a gritty social protest drama and then dwindles into a formulaic wish-fulfilment soap thriller. Toplining a couple of solidly uninspired players left stranded by the cancellations of their last series, this has Robert Urich (Vegas) as a computer tycoon who gets mixed up with Megan Gallagher (Hill Street Blues), a waitress whose child has been snatched in a slum.

After a few token moans about the awful problem, it trots out a series of predictable plot developments, as characters in a crisis confide in the one person who is obviously mixed up in the abduction racket and a benevolent character actor comes on for one establishing scene that might as well have a “Surprise Mastermind of Evil Scheme” sign flashing on his forehead. Inoffensive and professional, but hardly a hot rental.

With a cast full of soap opera's leading actors, you'd hope for more , but alas it doesn't deliver. With a cliché ridden script and a dull plot that drifts along until the unsurprising 'twist' happens at the end.