Stepfather Review

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David Walsh appears to be set on becoming the new loving husband to Susan and Stepfather to her children. However, her son has his doubts.


Nip/tuck good guy Dylan Walsh takes a trip to the dark side in this literally bloodless remake of Joseph Ruben’s 1987 thriller. Despite his “Without family you’ve got nothing” mantra, Walsh’s David Harris seems intent on becoming part of Susan Harding’s (Sela Ward) family only to destroy it, a plotline given little context. We’re served a series of horror-movie clichés, all painfully muted for an (ironically) family-friendly rating. If the story had kept itself half as busy as the violinists, you may have excused the plot-holes. Instead, this is a dull plod offering very few thrills beyond the endless shots of Amber Heard, as would-be stepson Michael’s (Penn Badgley) girlfriend, in her tiny-whiteys.

Cliché-ridden and full of plot-holes.