Step Up 3D Review

Image for Step Up 3D

New York City street dancers Luke (Malambri) and Natalie (Vinson), and NYU freshman Moose (Sevani), prepare themselves for a showdown with the best hip-hop dancers in the world.


It’s the usual case of great dancing, ropey script in this third in the US streetdance series. The good news is it stars the best thing about Step Up 2: the genial Adam G. Sevani as gangly geek Moose, who happens to be a whizz on the dancefloor (think Michael Cera in product placement trainers). Bad news is he is joined by blank-faced hunk Rick Malambri as Luke, the unlikely-looking leader of The Pirates, a crew gunning for the big competition prize. These Pirates can dance alright, but very few of them can act, leading to excruciating dialogue scenes with a script that manages to out-cliché its predecessors. Still, the 3D is used to full effect with dancers popping into the screen in rousing dance-offs and a terrific finale.

While the 3D dance scenes pop off the screen, the lines - and clichéd plot - are delivered with a resounding clunk.