The Steal Review

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It must have seemed like a terrific idea: a fast-paced heist comedy-cum-thriller with its roots firmly in the Ealing tradition but with a passing nod to A Fish Called Wanda. It's staggering quite how effortlessly it fails. Kim (Slater), a daffy American techno-boffin particularly handy at hacking into other people's computer systems, arrives in London to pull off a multi-million dollar heist from the very exclusive - and corrupt - City bankers Watson Tyler.

Not such a good idea, as it happens, because before too long both she and her reluctant accomplice (Molina) become entangled in the sort of activities their mothers would most definitely be ashamed of, with the so-called comic high point being the clandestine photographing of the bank's chairman (Bowles) involved in some really dodgy, not to say unpleasant, goings-on with a strategically placed canine chum. By the time the action moves to a race against time beneath the bank's vaults, it's hard to care about anybody.

The likes of Jack Dee, Sara Crowe and Patricia Hayes are all trawled out for blink-and-you'll-miss-'em cameos in an effort to give the whole tired mess some shred of credibility. As it is, only Stephen Fry as a wonderfully sleazy bank manager comes off with any dignity.

Frighteningly inept and almost completely lacking in humour or thrills, it's probably advisable to give this one a wide berth for the time being and wait for its almost inevitable TV airing. That way you can at least exercise the option of the off switch.