Steal Review

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If you liked the action in xXx but found it just a little too brain-taxing, then Steal is for you. This is action cinema for the recently lobotomised. Stephen Dorff - digging himself another few feet into an early career grave - plays the leader of a troupe of thieves who execute their crimes via every extreme stunt imaginable.

Robbing banks on rollerblades may not be practical but, hey, it looks cool, so who cares? Given that Pires is the man behind the zippy Taxi, the action elements are the strongest sections, but they're strung together with an airheaded plot. The acting is of the standard you might expect from a mid-afternoon soap opera, with Bruce Payne and Steven Berkoff taking the honours for the hammiest performances seen this year. It's certainly a worrying state of affairs when Natascha Henstridge is the most talented actor in the cast.