If I Stay Review

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When shy cellist (Moretz) falls into a coma after a car accident, she goes on an out-of-body journey remembering her past love with handsome musician Adam (Blackley).


On a school snow day, introspective cello prodigy Mia (Chloë Grace Moretz) is hurled from a car in a full-on collision. R. J. Cutler’s adaptation of Gayle Forman’s youth novel cross cuts between an out-of-body Mia watching her loved ones unravel over her comatose body with the backstory of her relationship with rocker Adam (Jamie Blackley). There’s something nice about teens talking real stuff — love of music, family — rather than vampires or Tributes. But even by YA standards this rings plastic, and the usually stellar Moretz feels like she is in an E4 drama.

Too many false notes add up to a Nicholas Sparks-lite teen romance.