Stag Review

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Victor Mallick returned to his home and found out that all of his friends have arranged a surprise bachelor/stag party for him


John Stockwell discovers that his business partner, politically ambitious lawyer Mario Van Peebles, and oldest friend, downwardly-mobile drug dealer Andrew McCarthy, have arranged to throw a riotous stag night for him.

After a reel or so of drinking, puking and raving, the party sours when a stripper is killed in a blanket-tossing accident, leaving the revellers with her live partner to deal with and an ever more cornplex cover story to get straight.

A stage play concept benefits from a good cast of second-stringers and a nicely cynical pay-off. With a beautifully sleazy performance from McCarthy and solid work from Van Peebles.

A stale premise is brought to life with a good script and matching performances.