The Stag Review

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Fionnan (O’Conor) heads off for what he hopes will be a quiet Irish stag-do before tying the knot with his sweetheart. But his friends - including the mayhem magnet The Machine (McDonald) - have other ideas.


There’s a nice twist to this gentle but sporadically funny stag-weekend-gone-wrong comedy in that it doesn’t resort to man-tied-nude-to-a-lamppost clichés. Fionnan (Hugh O’Conor) is the mild-mannered groom sent off on holiday with friends by his wife-to-be, only for it to turn chaotic thanks to future brother-in-law The Machine (a career-making performance by Peter McDonald). The character dynamics are something special, but sadly the script doesn’t go the full distance, never quite making the most of the scrapes The Machine gets everybody into and declaring its Irish identity a tad too heavily, right down to a feelgood U2 singalong.

A warm, entertaining Irish comedy.